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If consumers can’t see why you are the best match for their needs and preferences, they’ll keep looking. That’s why differentiation is one of several very important keys to success in selling your beds in a marketplace as crowded as senior care.

In 4 Ways to Differentiate From Your Competition, we’ll explore ways to help you stand out in the eyes of your potential customers.

However, most care providers aren’t clear about what makes them different from other care providers. In this article and short video, you’re going to learn how to:

  • 4 ways to differentiate from your competition,
  • 2 power tips to help you discover some of your unique talents and strengths, and
  • my secret weapon to make my services highly valuable to consumers

Grab a pen and paper.

Having taught and consulted with hundreds of new and seasoned AFH providers alike, invariably 8-out-of-10 are at of loss when it comes to understanding and being able to share what makes them different and unique – they just don’t know and don’t really think about it much – let alone realize how important it is to be clear about it.

I visit many very beautiful adult family homes that have several openings – sometimes for months at a time. Some of these care homes are even run by RNs or very experienced CNA’s but this alone is rarely enough to get your visitors to feel compelled to write you a deposit check on the spot…  (and yes, that should be one of your goals).

Your aim should be to learn how to use your professional training, special skills, and unique talents as selling points.

I went through a very tough time around 2005, losing 70 percent of my 12 residents in a short time. It took me over a year and $60,000 in referral fees to recover. And almost cost me my business—and my sanity!

That’s when my light bulb moment came, “I better learn how to market my adult family homes more effectively because what worked in the past no longer does, and I can’t rely solely on placement services.” What I learned in my journey became the “The Adult Family Home Marketing Roadmap” course.

Learning to differentiate yourself from your competition can dramatically boost your ability to convert visitors into customers.

Just think about when you’re hiring a caregiver; if they all sound the same and have similar experience and credentials, it makes your selection much harder. But when one caregiver stands out in a positive way, it makes your hiring decision a snap.

But here is the challenge: most people generally lack enough self-perspective to look at themselves and their business objectively and get meaningful insights about their unique talents. As a mentor of mine says, “You can’t see the spinach in your own teeth.”

Learning to stand out and differentiate from your competition by understanding what your “special sauce” is and what makes you different and unique is a learned skill. As your skill becomes more refined and practiced overtime your confidence level will grow naturally and automatically.

Joseph Spada

The most effective way to discover this is to actively engage in a process of self-discovery designed to trigger “ah-ha” moments. That’s why my AFH Marketing Roadmap class is in a “workshop” format, which helps you get those insights!

As I mentioned in this training video, learning to differentiate from your competition is the tip of the iceberg to help you succeed in your marketing efforts and business success. There are six modules in total, covering every aspect of your marketing in specific and actionable details.

If you want to really move the needle in your marketing, register for the AFH Marketing Roadmap.

Joseph Spada
Joseph Spada

Adult Family Home Consultant, geriatric nurse, owner of Spada Care Homes, Ohana Hale Senior Living, and Savanna Healthcare; DSHS instructor of the AFH Administrator Training; speaker; author.

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