Joseph Spada, LPN, is a seasoned expert and educator in the adult family home (AFH) sector. His robust career has spanned over three decades.

Throughout these years, Joseph masterfully managed high-end AFHs in Seattle, Washington, leveraging his deep understanding of the industry to achieve life and financial aspirations for himself and his clients.

As a DSHS-approved faculty instructor, Joseph has imparted his extensive knowledge of AFH administration, licensing, and operations to over a thousand aspiring and current AFH administrators. His courses are renowned for their comprehensive coverage, equipping students with the inspiration and guidance they need to excel in the field.

What sets Joseph apart is his innovative approach to marketing and his drive for unsurpassed quality of care. With a knack for crafting fresh, effective strategies, he guides AFH owners in attracting and welcoming more private-pay residents. His methods are appreciated for being down-to-earth, straightforward, effective, and forgoing pushiness or aggressiveness; they're a perfect fit for non-marketers!

Beyond business acumen, Joseph is deeply committed to enhancing the quality of care within the AFH community. He advises providers on developing exceptional care programs that not only set them apart from competitors but also foster significant goodwill within their communities. Through Joseph's guidance, many have delivered unparalleled care, positively impacted their communities, and achieved prosperity.

My Bio-Story

Born in Sicily and raised in Geneva Switzerland, I learned geriatric care from one of the wold’s best – the University Hospital in Geneva, Switzerland, where I served in geriatrics, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and the emergency room.

I came to the U.S. in 1985 to study Traditional Chinese Medicine before moving to Seattle in 1989. Since I knew almost no English and had depleted my financial resources (basically, I was broke!) I got a minimum-wage job at a local Nursing Home, providing rehabilitation care and nursing assistance to the elderly.

But working in a U.S. nursing home broke my heart which led me to start my own adult family homes in an effort to de-institutionalize senior care by offering highly personalized, loving and competent care in real homes. That was 1990 – Spada Homes, Inc. was born.

As a Certified Geriatric Care provider and geriatric nurse of 30 years, I have gained extensive knowledge in long-term care, especially adult family homes. I’ve seen the long-term care landscape change and evolve and I acquired a real knack for knowing what works and what doesn’t for care providers, consumers, and the elderly residents we serve.

I authored a #2 Amazon Bestseller in the elder care category called, “How To Find The Best Adult Family Home Care For Your Elderly Parent” currently available on Amazon. It’s the first and only book educating consumers on adult family homes, understanding what the available long-term care options mean to them, and guiding them on their journey to find quality care.

As a faculty instructor at North Seattle College, I teach the “54-hour AFH Administrator Training” certification course. This a DSHS-required class where oncoming and growing providers learn the operational and business aspects required to operate successful adult family care homes.

I created  “The Adult Family Home Marketing Roadmap. A step-by-step adult family home marketing blueprint to attract, impress, and convert more private-pay residents so you can make a difference and prosper in the process—even if you’re not a marketer.

In 1993, I was actively involved in the creation of the Washington State Residential Care Council (WSRCC), now the Adult Family Home Council, and served on the Board of and as President of the Sno-King Adult Family Homes Association. I taught Community and Workplace First Aid & CPR as a Red Cross instructor.

I have a passion for cooking and a reputation for baking amazing Sicilian-style pizza in my rigged home oven that reaches 750F! I also love playing acoustic guitar, as well as technology, medicine, and psychology. I live in Seattle with my wife Deanna and the proud father of three amazing daughters.

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