I have released the audio version of “How to find the best adult family homes care for your elderly parent; Geriatric nurse insider shows you where to start, the best questions to ask, and what to look out for.”

Take a listen of the preview sample…

The book reached a #2 Bestseller status in Long Term Care category on Amazon and 5-star rating – awesome!

Now, with this audio version, thousands more people in the community (and the country) are being exposed to adult family homes, given the knowledge they need to make smart decisions, and encouraged to consider YOU as one of the best option for their personal care.

Providers who read the book have told me that they gained useful insights about marketing to prospective seniors and their families. Understanding what prospective clients are looking for when searching for care is absolutely essential in knowing how to present yourself, your services, and your adult family home.

The book’s audio version is available in most online audio retailers such as Audible, you can find it here.

Listen to the intro sample.

Joseph Spada
Joseph Spada

Owner of Spada Care Homes; Geriatric nurse; DSHS instructor, AFH Administrator Training; Speaker; Author; AFH Consultant.

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