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Get Your Adult Family Home Licensed. The First Time.

Premium Adult Family Home Policies

Latest Revision of Adult Family Home Policies and Residency Agreement.
Everything Required for Licensing: Operate a
 High-End Senior Care Home—Even If You Are A "Newbie"!

Comprehensive DSHS-required policies and disclosures, ensuring worry-free operations.
Transforms complex regulations into easy-to-follow actions.
Customized Operating Policies and Residency Agreement tailored to your unique needs.
Proven and tested solutions, far beyond mere sample templates.
Get swift Licensing approval, expediting your care service operations.
Addresses dozens of common challenges, providing practical and effective solutions.
Written to protect you, and easy for your customers to read and understand.

Why Invest in Premium Adult Family Home Policies and Procedures?

As an AFH provider with over three decades of experience operating top-tier adult family homes in Seattle, I can confidently say that using a premium, custom-written set of policies and procedures has been instrumental to my success and prosperity, and one of the best investments I made.

Using free, boilerplate templates may seem like a cost-effective option at first, but they often lack the specificity and legal language necessary to protect you, your business, and your residents.

These custom-written Adult Family Home Policies and Residency Agreements ensure regulatory compliance and address the unique needs of your specific business. Additionally, well-written policies reflect your unique mission and values, setting your business apart from others and establishing trust with potential residents and their families. It also sends a clear message that you are a professional who is serious about providing high-quality care and following impeccable business practices.

In essence, while the initial investment in customized policies might appear costly, they are instrumental and vital pillars for a stable business operation and long-term success. The establishment of your business foundation promises enduring benefits and safeguards, contributing significantly to your peace of mind—an investment well worth its value.

Speaking from my experience as a founder and operator of multiple adult family homes in Seattle since 1990, I can attest to the firsthand advantages this robust set of policies and agreements have had for me and my business.


I am a Senior Program Manager for a large tech company and read many contracts as part of my job. I have to say you pulled off a "class-act" with your policies. They're easy to read and understand. I really like your "plain and friendly English" approach and style rather than the usual hard-to-read and unfriendly "legalese" used in traditional contracts. This is very approachable, easy to understand, and I actually enjoyed reading through it!

John H.

POA for Mother-in-Law at Ohana Hale Senior Living

What's in The Licensing Kits?

AFH Policies

Addresses many problems commonly encountered by providers. 

Includes House Rules, Medical Emergency Plan, Parking Plan, and all other required policies for licensing.

Residency Agreement

An agreement governing a resident's stay at your AFH. 

Addresses critical items like insurance coverage, non-payment of care fee, financial arrangements, solicitation of your staff, release for testimonials and pictures, and other critical items rarely addressed by "sample contracts".

Safety Disclosure

Intelligently informs and educates about the inherent risks that are common to the elderly in any setting.

An invaluable tool that sets realistic expectations, improves family collaboration, and reduces legal exposure.

Fully Customized

After the initial intake, your policies and related documents are fully customized.

You can edit all files at any time in the future.

Pre-Licensing Audit


A full onsite pre-licensing inspection ensures that you meet all licensing requirements before your official DSHS inspection.

Everything you need to comply with for licensing will be ready and pre-inspected, so the actual inspection  will go smoothly and quickly, often saving 2 to 3 hours of inspection time.  

Operational Forms

Your package will include a number of useful forms needed to ensure efficiency and strong documentation. 

Checklists, Daily Care Logs, and more.

Get Your Ultimate Adult Family Home Policies, Become Licensed, and Unleash Confident Compliance.

Navigate the complex regulations with our Premium Adult Family Home Policies and Procedures. Crafted meticulously by industry experts, these policies and procedures bridge the gap between statutory requirements and practical application. Never second-guess your operations again, and have complete peace of mind knowing you're fully compliant with all relevant regulations.

Stand Out

Enhance your AFH operation with clearly structured, comprehensive procedures, and experience the transformation as efficiency permeates all aspects of your organization, from day-to-day routines to resolving unforeseen issues. 

You'll save precious time and resources while elevating your service quality.

Legally Sound

Professionally written and reviewed, then updated and refined over many years to address common issues.

This packet meets and exceeds minimum licensing  requirements and has been used to pass multiple AFH licensing inspections.

Not "sample templates"

Your operations will resonate with your unique approach, ensuring both compliance and personalized care. 

Real-world-tested and actively used in operating high-end AFHs.

Fully Customized

Every AFH operation is unique, so our policies and procedures are designed to be easily tailored to your specific needs.

Pass DSHS Inspections, the First Time.

Delays in licensing cost many thousands in lost revenues. These documents will please, pass, and even impress DSHS Licensors! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your full satisfaction is guaranteed. In the unlikely event you don't feel this is worth at least double what you paid for, you can get a full refund.

These Documents Gave Me Peace Of Mind

I was fortunate to get my hands on this outstanding set of contracts and policies to run my AFH. I didn't have to worry about writing these from scratch, failing licensure or inspections, or spend thousands on legal fees. Joseph is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience that comes from having operating multiple Adult family homes for many years - I don't want to re-invent the wheel. I highly recommend getting and using these to run your AFH.

Josephine Njuguna, HCA, Pendo Senior Care, LLC.

Choose Your Package

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AFH Policies and Procedures
Residency Agreement
Full-risk Disclosure
All Required Notices & Disclosures
Medical Emergency Response Policy 
Door Locks Policy
CHOW Self-audit Preparation Checklist
Full Documents Customization
Full AFH Environmental Audit
Full Emergency Preparedness Audit 
Full Documentation Systems Audit



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AFH Policies and Procedures
Residency Agreement
Full-risk Disclosure
All Required Notices & Disclosures
Medical Emergency Response Policy 
Door Locks Policy
CHOW Self-audit Preparation Checklist
Full AFH Environmental Audit
Full Emergency Preparedness Audit 
Full Documentation Systems Audit
Full Documents Customization

Your Questions Answered

What if I'm not happy with the material?

Simply let us and you'll have two options: 

1) Get a full refund (you will no longer be able to use any of the material received).

2) We will modify any language that did not pass free of charge.

Will these documents pass licensing?

Yes. All documents and policies meet and exceed licensing requirements for Washington State.

How soon can I get my documents?

Because everything is customized based on your individual needs, preferences, and circumstances, it takes 5 to 7 business days to receive your documents packet. 

How are the documents delivered?

You will receive online access to view, download, and save all documents to your computer. All documents are in MS WORD format (.docx) and fully editable. 


The documents provided are supplied on an "as is" basis, and they are not intended to serve as legal counsel. We strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified legal professional for personalized legal advice. Any decisions or actions taken by you as a result of using these documents are solely at your discretion, and we bear no responsibility for such outcomes. Moreover, we disclaim any liability for any potential damages or adverse effects that may arise from any individual's use of the information contained within these documents. This disclaimer applies to all readers, regardless of their jurisdiction or location. Please note that this content is provided in English only.

Can I use free online sample forms?

While there are some free sample forms and policies online, you should think twice. Having reviewed dozens of house rules, residency agreements, and other forms from many sources (including AFH trade associations), none come even close to what you should have in place for your operation and protection.

There is a free AFH Residency contract on the web, why not use that? First, you need a number of other policies and disclosures, none of which are included. Second, it was written as an example by DSHS attorneys, so although it meets the minimum licensing requirements, it was not written with your protection in mind - only basic compliance. 

What makes a great residency agreement? 

The law. It needs to comply with the numerous and complicated adult family homes regulations - not an easy task.

It needs to address the many types of challenges you can face in the course of dealing with residents, families, and visitors. Like if a resident stops paying for their care, dealing with disruptive visitors, preventing families from hiring your caregivers, leaving without notice, and more. 

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