Are you an AFH Administrator student in Washington?  This AFH Administrator website contains free additional downloadable resources to help you succeed as an adult family home provider.

To register and access the resources, visit THIS PAGE.

Here’s some of what you’ll have access to:

  • Resident Rights form – ready to use!
  • Emergency Preparedness Guide Book
  • Employee Job Evaluation
  • How to set up your AFH and Resident Record System – This video explains what licensors are looking for at your initial licensing inspection, how to set up your AFH documentation systems, step-by-step
  • Incident Report
  • My personal Table of Contents to guide you in writing your AFH policies.
  • Medicaid Policies – 4 sample policies you can just “cut-and-paste” for your AFH
  • Complaint Resolution Unit Poster (CRU Poster)
  • WABO Building Inspection
  • More free resources from my class to help you succeed as an AFH provider.

Register and access the resources HERE.

Joseph Spada
Joseph Spada

Adult Family Home Consultant, geriatric nurse, owner of Spada Care Homes, Ohana Hale Senior Living, and Savanna Healthcare; DSHS instructor of the AFH Administrator Training; speaker; author.

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