Magnetizing Success : Advanced Marketing Strategies for AFH Providers

Become a Bed-Filling Machine!

Magnetizing Success: Advanced Marketing Strategies for AFH Providers

I'll teach you everything I have learned about marketing adult family homes, converting more visitors into eager customers, and lowering dependence on costly referral agencies.

How to built a solid foundation for your AFH business to attract more calls and clients.
Discover the latest market stats to help you strategically position your offerings and pricing.
Learn 7 powerful psychological triggers to help you create more eager buyers.
Learn to lead effective tours to help you convert more visitors into customers
Distinguish 4 phases of marketing and where to focus your efforts.
Understand the various digital and community-based marketing techniques to generate more calls.
Learn how to communicate value through Features and Benefits.
Powerful and effective touring strategies to help you convert more visitors into customers
How to track the results of your marketing efforts, the importance of follow-ups, and continuously refine your strategies for better outcomes.
Strategies to lower reliance on senior referral agencies. 

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"From Dependence to Autonomy: 10 Strategies for Gaining Independence from Senior Referral Agencies"

In this eBook, Joseph shares strategies from his firsthand experience. He offers a concise roadmap for AFH providers like you, looking to reclaim control and directly connect with the families and residents you serve. Joseph lays out actionable steps to enhance your visibility, attract the right residents, and build a thriving community on your terms. Get ready to transform your approach and step into a future of greater independence and success.

From dependence to autonomy Joseph Spada

When You Join Joseph's Masterclass

Joseph will reveal the marketing strategies he used to quickly fill eight beds in his newly licensed AFH and generate steady interest in weekly inquiries, despite a highly competitive environment. 

Tailored for new and seasoned AFH providers, this presentation offers practical tools and actionable insights for standing out, getting more calls, and filling beds faster.

Understanding the Market

Demographics and statistics of the aging population. Overview of the competitive landscape in LTC.

Fundamentals of Marketing for AFH

Fresh perspective and scope of marketing in the AFH context.
Understand online and offline marketing channels and methods.

Four Phases of Effective Marketing

Clarifying the various marketing phases gives you a bird's eye view to help focus your efforts.

Practical Marketing Strategies

Creating high-impact marketing materials.  Networking and building fruitful relationships.
Utilizing digital marketing tools effectively.

Psychological Triggers in Marketing

Leveraging psychological triggers to help attract and acquire clients. 

Talking about Cost & Money

Strategies to discuss cost and minimize any "sticker shock."

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