After my marketing talk at the 2015 Annual Conference, I got this question, “since I plan to be listed on it, should I still have my own website, and why?

In this video , also reveal your client-pool segmentation… (a bit technical, I know… It’ll make sense as we go over it).

  • What are the odds that you’ll get referral calls just when you need them most?
  • What are the odds you’ll get 2, 3, or 4 referrals if you were to lose several residents in a short period? This is actually the biggest source of financial stress and extended vacancies in adult family homes, causing providers to accept Medicaid even though they can’t can’t afford it.
  • Lastly, why investing in your own website is worth its weight in gold.

There is still time to register for the adult family home marketing roadmap workshop in MARCH 12, 2016 at the discounted price.

Joseph Spada
Joseph Spada

Owner of Spada Care Homes; Geriatric nurse; DSHS instructor, AFH Administrator Training; Speaker; Author; AFH Consultant.

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