How To Effectively Market Your Adult Family Home to attract more customers and sell with confidence.

What used to work in marketing adult family homes no longer does. We live in new times, and what you’ll learn in these programs is not what was working 10, 5, or even 2 years ago - it is what’s working NOW.

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I want to help you develop a thriving adult family home business so you don't have to worry about getting clients anymore, and you can finally start living the life you were seeking when you first went into business in the first place!


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What Attendees Have Said

Marketing, how to find and approach prospects was very valuable to me. I’m so delighted to have Joseph as my instructor, I should have taken this class a long time ago!

Ambaye Gerbu, RN
AFH Provider

Joseph’s marketing ideas are excellent!

Jie Xie, RN
AFH Provider, Hospice nurse

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the instructor and the material he presented. In fact, I highly recommend Joseph Spada for his energy, knowledge and practical application of information in becoming a successful adult family home administrator. Thanks!

Denise Hughes, MSN, RN.

Joseph’s marketing workshop was spot-on; insightful and very useful. Joseph is well prepared and passionate about improving the learning experience and student results. He shared a wealth of knowledge very successfully. I’m so confident after this class, and feel that I gained very usable skills. This class way exceeded my expectations.

ChaiJen To
AFH Owner and investor, Edmonds.

Full-day AFH Marketing Workshop

The Adult Family Home Marketing Roadmap - Your step-by-step blueprint to attract, impress, and convert private pay residents into eager buyers.

Marketing is the life blood of any business, yet many business owners don’t understand what effective marketing looks like, or what to do in order to effectively market their product or service.

In this one-of-a-kind marketing workshop, I reveal the exact mindset, strategies and specific action steps to help you go from “hope marketer” to proactively market your business in a simple, straightforward and highly effective way.

After 24 years of trial and error, failures and successes, what I teach in this program is my personal battle-tested and repeatable marketing blueprint, specific to adult family home owners.

You will discover the mindset, exact strategies and specific action steps that allowed me to dramatically improve my success as a provider... not just by having only private pay clients, but by truly offering services and solutions they are eager to benefit from – and pay for.

  • MODULE 1 - Your Millionaire Marketing Mindset
    • Learn the psychology world-class marketers have
    • Learn 4 key marketing mindsets that’ll have you thinking and executing like a professional marketer in no time
  • MODULE 2 - Your Marketing Foundation: The 9 building blocks for your marketing success
    • How to attract more of your IDEAL customer, and repel the others
    • How to stand out from your competition;
    • How to position yourself as an expert;
    • How to draft a powerful and compelling personal story;
    • How to talk about you and your business in a compelling and captivating way, and how to avoid the trap of talking about yourself!
    • How to explain your offerings in a ways that skyrockets your prospects’ desire to work with you;
    • How to create desire and exclusivity for your services;
    • How to write effective marketing materials.
  • MODULE 3 - Generate Leads
    • The secret strategy to get your phone RINGING!
    • 12 sources of leads to generate prospects nearly on-demand.
    • Exactly what to say – and what NOT to say – when you get a prospect on the phone.
    • The Call-Conversion technique revealed; discover a magic sentence that almost always results in callers booking a tour.
  • MODULE 4 - Show and Tell
    • Most provider focus on the wrong things when showing their AFH, resulting in LOW sales conversion.
    • Learn the 3 specific areas to focus on during your tours;
    • How to train your staff to help you convert visitors into buyers;
    • What to do with your current residents;
  • MODULE 5 - Sell and Close
    • How to create an eager buyer
    • The Problem-Match technique explained
    • How to talk about cost so you get paid what you’re worth and deserve, not just what you think you can get!
    • 4 easy-to-use ninja-sales tactics to help your prospects to take action NOW.
  • MODULE 6 - Tracking Your Results and Success
    • You can only manage what you track…
    • Exactly what to track so you can measure your success and know exactly where to focus your effort


1 to 2 Hours Marketing Workshop

How To Get Your Business Found On The Internet.

  • The fastest way to build an effective online presence
  • The top 10 online places you need to be
  • How to produce valuable quality content quickly and professionally
  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing 101
  • 3 costly traps to avoid
  • Every spot on Google's 1st page!
  • 9-out-10 rankings on page 2
  • 6-out-10 rankings on page 3

Google ranking

9 Fatal Touring Mistakes Most Providers Make That Cause Prospects To Never Call Back; How To Avoid Them, And What To Do Instead.

  • What does it take to ACE your tours?
  • Get a SYSTEM that gives a predictable outcome, and you can practice to improve.
  • 3 secrets to impress visitors – every time!
  • When to address cost, and 2 things you should NEVER do.
  • Why talking about yourself actually HURTS your chances of selling, and what to do instead.

How To Generate Leads For Your Adult Family Home, And Get Your Phone To Ring!

Joseph pulls back the curtain and reveals the secret on how he generates a consistent and predictable flow of leads each and every week.

  • The secret strategy to get your phone RINGING - almost at will!
  • 12 sources of leads to generate prospects on-demand.
  • Exactly what to say – and what NOT to say – when you get a prospect on the phone.
  • The Call-Conversion technique revealed; discover the magic sentence that almost always results in callers booking a tour.

How To Transform The Mandatory “DSHS Disclosure Of Services” Into A Powerful Marketing Weapon.

How do you use the DSHS Disclose of Services as a marketing tool? How do you go about writing compelling copy to entice readers and prospects? What should you say and not say?

  • Discover the powerful psychology principles what causes people to pay attention, take notice and respond;
  • 3 fundamental must-know distinctions before you write your very first word.
  • What every disclosure form should “disclose” about your services!

How To Write Advertising That WORKS!

The words you use in your marketing (known as “copy”) are critical to your marketing success. Writing compelling copy is part art and part psychology. After having spent (or wasted…) thousands of dollars of expensive trade publications with almost zero returns, Joseph will show you how to write advertising and marketing materials that get people to take action.

  • Write copy that sells.
  • Discover a simple tip to make your copy better than 90% of marketers out there
  • 2 main marketing approaches; one can give you amazing results, the other drain your wallet and have you sound like everyone else. Most providers use the first approach.
  • 5 ways to immediately improve your ad copy and get readers to respond.
  • Cost-effective places to display your ads.

5 essentials for a website that converts clicks into customers

  • Learn WHY you need a proprietary website of your own.
  • How to pick the best website address
  • How to set up shop online even if you know nothing about technology!
  • Learn the simplest technology and tools to build an effective website quickly, without spending a fortune.
  • 4 critical must-have for an effective website that converts clicks into clients
  • 3 websites breakdown – practical examples you can use right away.

More Testimonials From Students and Attendees

Joseph Spada was very helpful, knowledgeable, and passionate. He was very resourceful and went above and beyond what he promised.

James Martinez, RN
AFH Provider

You have been an amazing teacher and inspiration! Thank you for all of it.

Kel Shively, P.T.
Physical Therapist

We got all the information that people don’t know about, or really need help with. This was a great course by a great teacher!

Yohana Samuel, NA-R
AFH Provider

Joseph; you are amazing! You're talent and workmanship in everything you do is incredible and I really appreciate that you are sharing all your experience and knowledge with us. I am glad to know you - you're awesome!

Hershey Anderson, NA-C
AFH Owner