What are Strategic Care Programs and why should you offer them in your adult family home?

Every provider I’ve met over the years says they are in this business because they care about the elderly. And that’s a good thing – this IS a business of caring!

But just saying that you care is simply not enough. Consumers can’t easily see that and trust in our society is generally low.

The challenge is this; how do you “demonstrate” your caring? As it turns out it’s not that easy for prospects to notice. Anyone can (and does) say “we care” but there is no tangible substance there, no proof, just words.

How do you get people to actually feel and experience your caring in clear and tangible ways?

If you want your caring to convert into more referrals, admissions and income, your goal is to have your prospects experience and feel your caring in tangible ways.

There are obviously different ways to show that you care, but I’m going to focus on a powerful and under-utilized strategy that works like magic in long-term care – I call this, Strategic Care Programs.

One way that your caring is “demonstrated” is reflected in the effort and thoughtfulness you put into establishing valuable programs, services and activities that your prospects will truly value and enjoy. Programs that reflect your understanding of what is most desirable and valued to them. Programs THEY care about.

This is very powerful, and goes a whole lot further than mere words.

What you’re going for is having your prospect experience and feel your caring through your tangible, strategic care programs.

Let’s get practical. On the scale of desirability, which is higher: having your vitals taken, or feeling well?

If you’re like most, feeling well is a lot more appealing than simply having your blood pressure taken. I’m happy to pay if you can make me feel better, but just to take my blood pressure… not so much. In fact, the point of taking your blood pressure is that your doctor may be able to figure out how to get you to feel better.

Understanding this basic psychology, here is what to do.

Instead of simply offering “vital signs monitoring” or saying, “my caregivers knows how to take vital signs” which is something everyone does and therefore has LOW value in the eyes of your prospects, go ahead and create a well-rounded and comprehensive “Strategic Wellness Program” instead, a structured program that includes having your vitals taken.

Since virtually no one offers such a well-thought-out and designed program, it will make your offering very unique and highly desirable. Something a discerning consumer is more than willing to pay for.

Real life example

In my last class, there was a student who had a resident with a complicated lung condition. She shared with the class this amazing breathing techniques she was doing for him that she had learned in her native Romania.
Clearly, she was doing an amazing job and having a positive impact.
The challenges is, she did not know how to talk about it so her client and other prospects understood the true value and extent of the positive impact. She did this like her caregivers do dishes, a simple daily routine.
But this simple breathing activity is a huge expression of her caring!
Now, she has a clear framework to work through and package this skill into a highly valuable “program” that anyone with such lung condition would be thrilled to have access to.
It’s now a unique distinguishing feature and a business asset to help her attract people with similar needs.
She also learned how to pitch it in such a way that people who need this kind of help think to themselves, “that’s a no-brainer – My dad needs to have this.”

In the adult family home marketing roadmap workshop, I reveal and teach my step-by-step “Strategic Program Creation Formula” that you can use to quickly and effectively design highly valuable care programs to offer your prospects.

Following this formula, you’ll be able to create as many care programs as you can think of, all of which follow a winning recipe that is proven to show and demonstrate your caring and skill in very clear and tangible way.


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Joseph Spada
Joseph Spada

Owner of Spada Care Homes; Geriatric nurse; DSHS instructor, AFH Administrator Training; Speaker; Author; AFH Consultant.

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