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What are strategic care programs in your adult family home, and why should you invest time and effort into creating them?

Every provider I’ve crossed paths with in my years in the adult family home industry shares a common sentiment: a genuine care for the elderly. It’s the heart of our business, after all. Yet, in a world where saying “we care” has become more of a default statement than a differentiated stance, the real question emerges: how do you tangibly demonstrate this care to those who matter most—your prospects?

Let’s face it, in our current climate, trust can be scarce, and mere words often fall short. The challenge isn’t just to claim that you care, but to make that care palpable, to let people not just hear it, but feel it.

So, how do you transform caring from a concept to an experience? How do you ensure that your dedication to care translates into more referrals, admissions, and ultimately, a thriving business? The answer might just lie in what I like to call Strategic Care Programs.

Elevating Care with Strategic Programs: How They Showcase Your Commitment.

The Magic of Strategic Care Programs

The effort and thought you invest in creating meaningful programs, services, and activities speak volumes more than any slogan could. It’s about aligning with what your prospects truly value and enjoy—programs that resonate with their desires and needs. This approach not only proves your commitment but does so in ways that are directly beneficial to those you serve.

Consider this: what’s more appealing? The routine monitoring of vitals or the comprehensive feeling of wellness? The latter, undoubtedly. Everyone can offer vital signs monitoring, but creating a Strategic Wellness Program that encompasses this and more? That’s where you begin to stand out.

A Practical Example

During a recent session, one of my students shared her experience with a resident suffering from a complex lung condition. She had been applying specialized breathing techniques she learned from her homeland of Romania, which significantly improved the resident’s condition. However, she hadn’t realized the immense value these techniques offered, treating them as just another part of her daily routine.

During the workshop, this revelation was a turning point. It highlighted how such unique skills could be transformed into a highly sought-after program, distinguishing her service and providing immense value to those with similar conditions. It wasn’t just about the technique; it was about packaging and presenting it in a way that made people realize, “This is exactly what we need.”

Now, she has a clear framework to work through and package this skill into a valuable “program” that anyone with such a lung condition would be thrilled to benefit from.

The Strategic Program Creation Formula

In the Adult Family Home Marketing Roadmap Workshop, I unveil the Strategic Program Creation Formula—a step-by-step guide designed to help you craft care programs that not only showcase your caring and expertise but do so in a manner that’s unmistakably valuable to your prospects.

This formula is your blueprint for developing as many specialized care programs as you can imagine, each embodying a clear, tangible expression of your commitment to care.

In essence, Strategic Care Programs are more than just a service offering; they are a testament to your dedication and a way to elevate your care above the commonplace. By following this formula, you’re not just saying you care—you’re proving it, in the most impactful way possible.

In the AFH marketing roadmap workshop, I reveal and teach my step-by-step “Strategic Program Creation Formula” to help you quickly and effectively design highly valuable care programs to offer your prospects.

Following this formula, you’ll be able to create as many care programs as you can think of, all of which follow a winning recipe proven to show and demonstrate your caring and skill clearly and tangibly. You’ll also learn to pitch your programs so that people who need this kind of help think to themselves, “That’s a no-brainer – my dad needs to have this.”

Joseph Spada
Joseph Spada

Adult Family Home Consultant, geriatric nurse, owner of Spada Care Homes, Ohana Hale Senior Living, and Savanna Healthcare; DSHS instructor of the AFH Administrator Training; speaker; author.

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