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Join adult family home operator and consultant Joseph Spada for live training and learn powerful strategies to help you lead AFH Tours That WOW! and turn more visitors into customers. 

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Challenges Resulting In Missed Opportunities 

Are you struggling to get your prospective visitors to say, "Yes! I'll take the bed"? Are you able to get prospects to come visit your AFH, but never hear from them again? Or being told, "They picked another AFH..."? 
If so, this Tours That WOW training is for you!

Problem #1

Many providers have inconsistent touring strategies, and often none at all. The lack of a structured process leads to a disjointed and unconvincing presentation of your home and services. 

Inconsistency hinders your ability to identify and replicate successful elements and obscures the unique qualities that set your AFH apart.

As a result, prospective clients leave tours feeling unconvinced, sometimes even confused, making them less likely to choose your home as the sanctuary for their loved ones.

Problem #2

Too often, providers emphasize aspects of their service that, while important, fail to strike a chord with the needs and desires of their visitors. 

This misalignment results in a missed opportunity to connect on a meaningful level, leaving potential clients unable to see the true value of the AFH as the right solution for their family member.

Without addressing the elements that matter most to clients, providers inadvertently create a gap between what is offered and what is sought, leading to a lower conversion rate of tours into residency.

Problem #3

A lack of strategic preparation and planning for the touring process can severely detract from its potential to impress and engage prospective clients. 

Without a well-thought-out flow and a focus on preparing both the environment and the staff for these critical visits, providers miss the chance to showcase their AFH in the best possible light. 

This oversight not only diminishes the impact of the tour but also undermines the confidence of potential clients in the provider's ability to meet their specific needs or deliver high-quality care.

Discover The Solution To More 'YESES!' 

The solution to these challenges lies in a comprehensive approach that includes preparation, presentation, and follow-up.

At the "AFH Tours That WOW!" workshop, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of insights, strategies, and specific actions designed to transform the touring process into a compelling, persuasive experience.
Discover a structured framework to ensure a consistent and effective approach to tours, emphasizing the critical aspects that resonate most with prospective clients.
Through practical guidance, live demonstrations, and personalized feedback, you will learn how to prepare your homes, your staff, and your residents to present your offerings in a meaningful way, and follow up effectively to convert interest into action.
This is not just an investment in improving tours; it's a commitment to elevating the entire experience of choosing an AFH, ensuring that every visitor can immediately recognize the unique value and warmth of your home.

Unlock the Power of Unforgettable AFH Tours!

Healthcare neighborhood Joseph Spada
Master the Art of First Impressions: Learn how to instantly captivate and engage visitors the moment they step through your door. 
Transform Tours into Connections: Discover the secrets to deeply understanding and meeting the needs of prospective clients, making more visits a perfect match.
Elevate Your Tour Game: Gain insights to avoid common pitfalls that turn potential clients away, ensuring they see the value in your AFH.
Seal the Deal with Confidence: Uncover effective strategies for discussing costs without causing sticker shock, turning more inquiries into admissions.
Boost Your Follow-Up Game: Learn proven follow-up techniques that convert "maybes" into "yeses," filling your home with the right residents.
Practice Makes Perfect: Experience a Live Tour Simulation at Ohana Hale Senior Living with instant feedback to refine your approach.
Track Your Triumphs: Identify key metrics to measure your success and continuously improve your tour strategy.

6 Modules Packed With Winning Strategies 

Module 1
module 2
module 3
module 4
Module 5
Module 6

First Impressions Matter

Set the Stage: How to make your home shine with 8 essential prep steps.
Team Prep: Get your staff tour-ready with 4 key training moves.
Resident Readiness: 5 steps to ensure your current residents are comfortable and welcoming.
Know Before You Show: The must-ask questions before every tour.

Connect and Convince

Engagement Tips: Real talk on turning interest into "I want in!"
Solve Their Problem: Use the “Problem-Match Technique” to show you’re the solution.
Value for Money: Strategies to show worth beyond the price tag.

Avoiding Tour Traps

Common Slip-Ups: 7 tour no-nos that can send potential clients packing – and how to dodge them.

Seal the Deal

Build Excitement: Techniques to get buyers keen and ready to commit.
Psychology Plays: Six psychological triggers to encourage action, pronto.
Money Talks: How to build value and discuss costs without the cold sweat.

Measure and Move Up

Success Tracking: 5 key metrics that tell you if you're winning.
Following Through: Tactics that turn maybes into yeses.

Live and Learn

Real-Time Training: Join a live tour to see, learn, and ask—on the spot.

Limited to 20 Seats

We're capping the class at 20 attendees to ensure a personalized experience. This isn't a mass-market seminar; it's an intimate gathering of professionals dedicated to excellence. By keeping the group small, you get more one-on-one attention, and you'll leave with more knowledge and a clear plan of action.

Delve deep into the art and science of conducting impactful AFH tours that not only leave a lasting impression but also significantly increase the likelihood of converting inquiries into admissions.
Learn how to focus on consistent, well-prepared, and empathetic approach to tours and how to showcase your home in a manner that resonates deeply with visitors.
Learn how to leverage powerful psychological insights to engage potential clients without being pushy.
Discover key communication techniques for showing value beyond the price and avoiding the all-to-common tour pitfalls.
If you're looking to refine or develop new strategies to attract and retain residents, you'll discover indispensable tools and insights to help you achieve your goals while fostering a supportive and caring environment for the individuals you serve.

Secure your spot now and take the first step towards a future where every door you open is an opportunity.







10:00 AM

to 5:00 PM

13700 SE 23rd Lane, Bellevue WA 98005

Joseph Spada Faceshot

Why Should You Attend?

Joseph Spada, LPN, a veteran AFH provider and trainer, will lead you through a day packed with practical insights drawn from over 34 years of experience. 

You'll not only hear about what works but also see it in action and practice it yourself during the Live AFH Tour. 

This isn't just about filling rooms; it's about building a community and offering the best home for seniors.

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